AlphaFold, the artificial intelligence that predicted the structure of almost every known protein

DeepMind has announced that its artificial intelligence (AI) tool, the AlphaFold program, has successfully predicted the structure of nearly every protein known to scientists. Now the laboratory [britannique] from AI, which is owned by Alphabet [maison mère de Google]offers everyone free access to its database of more than 200 million proteins.

When DeepMind introduced AlphaFold in 2020, it took the scientific community by surprise. For decades, researchers have been trying to understand how the proteins essential to life are structured. It was seen as one of the great challenges of biology: knowing how proteins are formed is crucial to understanding how they work.

Last year, the company released the source code for AlphaFold and made the structures of one million proteins, including nearly every protein in the human body, available in its collaboratively developed protein structure database. with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), an international public research institute which already housed a large protein database.

This latest data release is a huge boost. The update indeed gives the structure of “plants, bacteria, animals and many, many other organisms, which opens up immense horizons for Alpha

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