Alexandra Lamy will not find Jean Dujardin, she explains

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For years, Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin have made the show in the cult series A boy a girl, where they played a funny couple in different everyday situations. In 2003, the soap opera stopped. And to the delight of viewers, TF1 has announced a special bonus celebrating 20 years ofA boy a girl ! The question then is whether the two actors, who have been in a relationship in real life for a while, will give each other the line again … In interview for TV 7 DaysAlexandra Lamy responds.

The return of the duo was eagerly awaited by the fans of the first hour. Nothing will happen! The pretty 50-year-old blonde tells our colleagues make sure she won’t be part of it. And to talk about the success she has known since her time in the series: “To have done something cult, who would complain? People sometimes ask me if I’m not tired of people talking to me about Chouchou. Well no, I love it when the little ones recognize me today. This proves that I have not taken a big hit of old! (…) I am very proud to have made this series which brought me a lot and which was, beyond the Conservatory, my best school!

It will be very tasty

No Alexandra Lamy on the program, and not much more information either. Last June, Xavier Gandon, branch director…

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