After the drama of autism in Marseille, the moving testimony of Paul El Kharrat in “Morandini Live”: “Life is difficult, so hard. Sometimes I see death that defies my gaze” – VIDEO

This morning, Paul El Kharrat was the guest of Jean-Marc Morandini in “Morandini Live” on CNews. The young man, autistic asperger, has just published a book entitled “Welcome to my world” (ed. Harpercollins). “I’m not sick. It’s different neurological connections. A different way of acting and thinking (…) I have a way of looking at things that is extremely different from what most people may think “, he began.

And to add: “The fact of being in this world, the fact of being so different, of not thinking like many people … It is to be in this situation that makes me sick. I would like to forget, not to think about things that hurt me, that make me suffer”. Paul El Kharrat clarified that he can be “very nervous” and have “hysterics”.

“I’m on antibiotics because I’m a very moody person, I’m moody. It stabilizes me a lot. It calms me down. I’m someone who likes solitude but is sociable,” he said. pursued before evoking death. “I feel my heart rate accelerating, I visualize death at every moment, even in my dreams. I see her staring at me,” said the young man.

Before continuing: “It feels like I’m closer to a near death than to a fulfilled life. I’m young but I feel like I’m three times my age. It happened to me several times to wait for death”. “Life is difficult. It’s so hard. It’s so painful to exist in a world where man is a wolf to man. We come into the world, we have to fight to survive,” concluded Paul El Kharrat against Jean-Marc Morandini in this interview (see video above).



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