Acapulco on Apple TV+: How Maximo becomes a leader

The adventures of the employees of the Las Colinas holiday club resume, with a dose of the 1980s and benevolence.

From Hotel Portofino at The White Lotus, whose unpublished arrive Monday on OCS, the series prove to be excellent luxury travel agencies. The prize for the most charming and cheerful stay goes to the comedy of Apple TV+ Acapulcochronicles the life of an all-inclusive resort on the Mexican Riviera in the 1980s.

As benevolent and whimsical as Ted Lasso, the story of Maximo’s rise from simple pool boy to tycoon is in season 2 and still suffers from being too confidential. These new episodes are cut to offer him new followers. The plot picks up the day after Maximo’s disastrous New Year’s Eve.

His colleague Julia, for whom he dares not confess his feelings, has accepted the marriage proposal of Chad, the gringo son of the American owner of Las Colinas. Competition among palace employees is raging. And the race to land the good graces of superiors and the biggest tips intensifies. At home, it’s not easy for Maximo either with the pranks of his sister Sara.

memories of paradise

“This season pushes the cursor of the comic far enough. Maximo leaves the bliss of adolescence and will enter, without wanting it, in a thorny rather delicate love triangle”, greets Enrique Arrizon, the interpreter of the idealistic young man who will metamorphose into a formidable shark.

Everyone is getting loose in this season, from the capricious customers to the resident artists of Las Colinas. Get ready for even more outlandish Spanish-language covers of vintage American hits. Maximo, in his quinqua version (the Latin superstar Eugenio Derbez) revisits his memories of youth. He is also forced to leave his loft in Miami and return to Mexico. Opportunity to confront his ghosts and his regrets.

Bilingual English-Spanish series, “Acapulco shows Mexico other than through the prism of drug trafficking. The series celebrates the soul and the Latin American culture”, pleads Enrique Arrizon again. The pleasure and antics of the actors on the set are palpable. “Spending your day around a swimming pool for three months is surreal. We dreaded slipping on the wet edges. But we also took advantage of the infrastructure of the club which lends its features to Las Colinas: evening bowling, tasting of cocktails on the beach. A certain idea of ​​paradise.


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