A “very narrow penis”, “a few round trips” … The staggering story of an ex-colleague of PPDA on the front line

They are about thirty to accuse Patrick Poivre d’Avor. For several months, the former star presenter of TF1 has been targeted by several complaints of rape or sexual assault which he categorically denies. In June 2021, a preliminary investigation after the testimonies of 23 women was dismissed by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, for prescription, for “absence of a punishable offense” or “insufficiently characterized offense”. A second investigation is underway after seven new testimonies. Among the women who accused PPDA, Hélène Devynck. On September 23, she will publish a startling book, entitled Impunity. “Like me, several dozen women believed that the time made our sentence to silence obsolete and possible that of our attacker, one of the most famous men in France”writes the ex-journalist in the summary of this work of more than 270 pages.

“That’s not what happened. We were dismissed without further action. But our bubbles of loneliness burst. We met, told stories, supported each other. We took the short ladder to overcome the walls of discouragement. We spoke louder, more numerous”, adds Hélène Devynck, who met several other women who accused PPDA. In The world, the journalist spoke like other alleged victims. To our colleagues, she described a rape, which occurred in 1993 when she was his assistant, “at his place in Neuilly [Hauts-de-Seine]. (…)

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