“A turning point for astronomy”: the James Webb space telescope has unveiled its first image of an exoplanet

The new James Webb Space Telescope continues to deliver breathtaking images of the Universe. He understood its first direct image of an exoplanet, that is, a planet outside our solar system. It was NASA’s Twitter page dedicated to telescope discoveries that revealed the snapshot. The image was published in four copies, each time with a different light filter.

This planet is a gas giant, where life as we know it would be impossible. “This is a turning pointnot only for Webb but for astronomy in general”enthused Sasha Hinkley, professor of astrophysics at the University of Exeter, quoted by the American space agency.

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“Future Possibilities for Studies of Distant Worlds”

The exoplanet, which responds to the name of HIP 65426b, is 6 to 12 times the mass of Jupiter, an estimate the telescope should help refine. Aged about 15 to 20 million years, it is young on the scale of planets (especially when compared to Earth and its approximately 4.5 billion years), recalled NASA.

This image “show the way forward for exoplanet exploration by Webb”, judged NASA. The fact that the James Webb telescope managed to draw the portrait “holds up future possibilities for studies of distant worlds”concluded the agency.

Talk about out of this world! This is Webb’s first direct image of a planet outside of our solar system, and it hints at Webb’s future possibilities for studying distant worlds: https://t.co/ITcl6RItLa

Not what you expected? Let’s walk through the detailsud83dudc47 pic.twitter.com/bCgzW0dcUE

—NASA Webb Telescope (@NASAWebb) September 1, 2022

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