A “Téfécé pizza” to taste at Tutti Pizza

This is the pizza of the moment at Tutti Pizza. The TFC partner brand is selling a limited edition Téfécé pizza. Gourmets and fans of the club will be able to taste it until December 4, 2022.

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The good part of cheese

Cheese lovers will be delighted. For this limited edition pizza, Tutti Pizza started with a fresh cream base, raclette cheese, gorgonzola PDO, Parmiggiano Reggiano PDO and mozzarella… All topped off with olives.

The inhabitants of the Toulouse region will be able to revel in the offer, but not only! This pizza is available in an “Out of The Box” edition in all other stores, explains Tutti Pizza. Note that this limited edition is available for take-out or delivery via the brand’s website, as well as on the Uber Eats and Deliveroo platforms in partner restaurants. Something to delight his taste buds.

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