A pizza a day for 35 euros per month: a subscription offered by Del Arte in Barentin

The pizzeria Del Arte de Barentin offers a subscription for 35 euros to eat one dish a day.
The pizzeria Del Arte de Barentin offers a subscription at 35 euros per month to eat one dish a day. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

After netflix, Spotify and Basic Fit, would you be ready to add a new subscription to your list? Lovers of pizza can now enjoy one a dayfor 35 euros per month, in certain Del Arte pizzerias, including that of Barentin.

A dish a day for 35 euros per month

The brand, which has 209 restaurants, launched a new offer in 13 restaurants in October 2022: the monthly subscription at 34.99 euros. Among the 13 establishments selected for this test, one is located in Barentin.

For this amount, the subscriber can enjoy one dish a day (without drink or dessert) from a choice of seven: Margarita, Della Mamma, Speciale Pizzaiolo, Regina, Bolognese pizzas, and Bolognese and Pomodoro pasta.

The subscriber benefits from a rate of 24.99 euros for the first month, before going to 34.99 and committing for six months. A way for the brand to build customer loyalty. “We have an activity which is among the least profitable in France and if we do nothing within five years, we no longer exist. That’s the problem, “explained Philippe Jean, at the microphone of BFMBusiness.

Food streaming

This concept that some call the “food streaming” (referring to video subscription giants like Netflix or Disney+) is nothing new. In the United States, there are notably within the chain Taco Bell.

If Del Arte’s subscription works in test restaurants, then it could be extended to other franchisees.

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