A meteorological phenomenon “which is not without consequence” arrives in Europe

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Lwill Europe be affected by heavy rainfall this week? It is not impossible, according to Alexis Vandevoorde, meteorological engineer, who, with supporting graphics, warns. “The air that will fly over Europe (…) will have circulated seven days earlier on the side of the tropics, near Bermuda! And it’s not without consequences…”, he begins.

And to continue: “The tropics, an area where evaporation from the oceans is high, provide the planet with the stock of humidity. With the arrival of former hurricanes Danielle and Earl in our latitudes, the flow of humidity from the tropics promises to be considerable and even deviates from the climatology. »

“This flow of humidity testifies to the potential for highly precipitating events in Portugal, Spain, France and then Germany from Monday to Thursday! Potential mayhem to watch after the remarkable heat,” he concludes.

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