A 98-year-old mother leaves her home for the retirement home, the reason is very moving!

The story of this 98-year-old mother and her 80-year-old son is proof that a mother’s love knows no bounds. Ada Keating and her son are inseparable. Even at her age, Tom Keating’s mom still feels the need to take care of her son. She even has moved into the same nursing home than Tom to stay close to him. A touching story between mother and son who share a special bond.

A close relationship between mother and son

Ada Keating, 98, is a former practical nurse. His son, Tom Keating meanwhile, had worked as a painter and decorator. Tom Keating is the son eldest of four siblings. He is the only son of Ada and her late husband, Harry.

The other children are Barbara, Margi and Janet who died when she was just 13. In 2016, Tom Keating, who never married, needed extra help. So he had to move to a retirement home in Liverpool.

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All his life he has lived alongside his mother with whom he has a special bond. Barely a year after moving in, her mother, who is particularly close to him, wanted to be by his side. She therefore decided to join him in the Moss View retirement home in Huyton.

The mother wanted to continue take care of her son. Joining him, Ada can continue to say ” good night “ to her son in her room every night. In the morning, the 98-year-old mother does not fail to say ” Hello “ to his son.

Ada always tells her son when she comes down for breakfast. When she goes to the hairdresser, Tom waits for her until she returns.

“When I come back, he comes up to me with his arms outstretched and gives me a big hug. You never stop being a mom,” says Ada Keating.

The son is happy with the presence of his mother

According to Tom Keating, the staff at the retirement home are pleasant. Since the arrival of Ada, the octogenarian is happier sincehe can see his mother every day. As a mother remains a mother, Ada is always in the care of her adored son. He even happens to correct it when necessary.

“She takes very good care of me. Sometimes she tells me: ‘Hold on,’” says Tom.

Retirement house
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Ada’s granddaughter, Debi Higham and the other members of the Keating family often go to the retirement home to visit them. The latter are also happy to see them together in the residence.

According to Debi, Ada and Tom are inseparable. The family is reassured to see that both are cared for 24/7. Philip Daniels, the director of the Moss view retirement home is delighted to welcome Tom and Ada.

According to him, it is rare to find a mother and her son in the same retirement residence. The director is even happy to have allowed Ada and her son to spend more time together.

“We are very happy to have been able to meet their needs”, explains Philip Daniel.

The latter says that it is touching to see the close relationship between Tom and Ada. Tom and Ada’s story reminds us of the three nonagenarian sisters who ended up in the same nursing home. An opportunity to exchange old memories between sisters.

The three sisters are reunited again

During two years, the three sisters lived apart in various nursing homes. The lack of space prevented them from living together in the same residence for retirees. After so much time away from each other, they were able to meet in the same nursing home in Poligny (Jura).

In 2021, Denise Marchioni (99 years old), Odile Chauvin (95 years old) and Colette Dobez (91 years old) moved under the same roof. The nonagenarian sisters spend their time together reminiscing.

“Our father used to take us to the fields to work with the oxen,” recalls one of them.

The latter have all had their certificate of studies. Denise would have had hers at the age of 11. The three sisters could not continue their studies because their parents couldn’t afford it.

The 3 sisters
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They say they had a good life, but it was hard at work. These grannies had three brothers who have all already left and their mother is died at the age of 95.

“Our mother has become old and so have we! one of the sisters says humorously.

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