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Released in June 2019, the latest installment of Pixar Studios’ animated saga Toy Story 4 airs tonight on 6ter. Is a fifth film with Woody and Buzz planned?

In 2019, we witnessed the return of Woody, Buzz, the Shepherdess and their friends 9 years after Toy Story 3 and 23 years after the release of John Lasseter’s first feature film.

Directed by Josh Cooley, Toy Story 4 is the first part of the saga in which Andy is no longer the owner of the toys. At the end of the third opus, the young man indeed offered his precious toys to little Bonnie.

In this fourth opus, Woody meets Fourchette, a “toy” created by Bonnie. But Fourchette doesn’t want to be one… So it’s the beginning of a great adventure and an extraordinary journey for Woody and his friends. The cowboy will discover how vast the world can be for a toy.

Spectators were at the rendezvous of this sequel since the feature film earned 1.073 billion dollars at the international box office, exceeding the score of the third installment of the adventures of Woody and Buzz and thus becoming the biggest success of the famous saga.

Meanwhile, the franchise spin-off centered on the life of Buzz Lightyear, the character who gave birth to Andy’s doll, released on June 22, only grossed $226 million worldwide.

Asked during the promotion of Toy Story 4, the producer Jonas Rivera, who has worked at Pixar for more than 20 years, answered the microphone of AlloCiné:

In 1999, when we were asked if Toy Story 2 was the last, we answered in the affirmative without any hesitation. After the release of Toy Story 3, we again thought that would be the end of the story and now we think Toy Story 4 is really the last part of the saga. But this time we really mean it !”


Toy Story 4

Indeed, the end of the feature film concludes Woody’s narrative arc since the latter decides to stay with the Shepherdess rather than returning with Bonnie and the other toys.

The cowboy and the astronaut offered us a heartbreaking farewell scene. Bringing Woody back into the gang would ruin this sequence and a Toy Story movie without the famous cowboy is unimaginable.

Back on Disney+?

Nevertheless, the characters could return in TV movies, short films or series, as the producer adds: “The launch of Disney+ offers us new perspectives, for example to be able to devote short films to secondary characters from the Toy Story universe. (…)

So there are plenty of opportunities for us to continue to keep the franchise alive, but in terms of cinema, on the other hand, Toy Story 4 was the grand finale of Woody’s story.

An affirmation that therefore seems categorical, Toy Story 5 is not relevant. (Who knows if in 10 years, the studio will have changed its mind again?)

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