90′ Investigations – Pizza, tomato sauce, parmesan: revelations about our favorite Italian products – 90′ Investigations

The French are the first consumers of Italian products and eat more pizzas than the Italians themselves. Today, Italian products have invaded the shelves of our supermarkets: pasta, pizzas, tomato sauces, or even cheeses such as the emblematic parmesan… One example among many others: tomato sauces actually contain few tomatoes, stuffed pasta, the traceability of the meat raises questions. In this issue, 90′ EnquĂȘtes will return in particular to the fake parmesan which is sold on a large scale in France. Italian gastronomy is also very present in the restaurants of our cities with the boom in pizzerias and other trattorias. In general, they are inexpensive and offer a wide selection of products. But how are pizzas and pastas prepared? With what ingredients? Under what hygienic conditions? What do pizzas delivered to your home contain? Investigation and revelations on these star products of Italian gastronomy.


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