30°C Days in September: The New Normal?

It used to be the custom to put away white clothes after Labor Day. But now a week after this holiday, sandals and t-shirts are still de rigueur, at least in several regions of Quebec which are flirting with 30°C this weekend. Moreover, recent history informs us that this kind of scenario could repeat itself more frequently.

A recent trend

Weather statistics tend to show that summer-like Septembers have been more frequent over the past two decades. Indeed, between 1970 and 1999, 22 Septembers did not record a day above 30°C. This therefore means that Quebecers lived only eight months of September with these warmer temperatures.

30 degrees

Late heat

In comparison, since 2000, ten months of September have been devoid of 30°C. We therefore speak of a value of 55% at 30°C. On the other hand, 2017 holds records for late heat, with four 30°C recorded in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Gatineau and Val d’Or towards the end of the month.

30 degrees

Old-time extremes

Unusual fact: the most extreme heat events in September were recorded before 2000. It is moreover the month of September 1961 which remains the hottest from the beginning of the collection of meteorological data: the mercury had risen up to 30°C for six days this month!

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